Friday, March 10, 2006


The man holding Sophi is Yeh. He was our taxi driver for the entire week we were there. He was very good with Blake and Sophi. When Mark would get out of the car just to run in somewhere and Sophi would scream, Yeh would hold her and walk around telling her Ba-Ba (Daddy)would be right back. He was so sweet.


I often wondered what the people who were taking care of our children looked like. Here are a couple of pics of Sister Rosa who is the Director of Cathwel, Penny, who is the Assistant Director, and Maria, who was Blake and Sophi's Case Worker while at Jonah House.

Sightseeing and Fun Times

Travel Pics - Sophi

These are Sophi's pics from her visit to Jonah House. As you can see, her caregivers loved her very much. She had a special little buddy that she took care of while at Jonah House. She loved to help take care of the babies.

More Travel Pics - Blake

These are a few pictures of Blake's friends and his room with his roomate. The boys loved the gifts we brought and Blake was very proud to hand out the T-shirts and candy.


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