Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mama's Girls!

How awesome is this? Taylor and Leyla are holding Sophi's cards and books and then we have a picture of Sophi holding them too and she is half way around the world!!!! Makes a mama happy!

Our Shirts

These are our shirts!


These are the shirts that we made for Blake & Sophi! I hope they like them!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

November Update!

I am so glad to be posting this message! We were told that Cathwel's computers were down and we would not be getting an update this month. But.........God knew I couldn't go any longer without seeing my sweet Sophia's face! Although it is only 4 weeks between updates (usually), it feels like an eternity! It is very nice here in FL and I had the windows open today when the UPS truck came. We all made fools of ourselves with the shrills of excitement seeing the UPS driver with our update in hand! Poor guy, he probably thinks a bunch of monkeys live here! Here are some of the pictures and info we received. Current weight is 19.2kg height is 99cm She likes to play with the older children but when they are at school, she likes to hang around the caregivers and asks for hugs! (I can't wait to get my arms around her!!!!! She won't ever have to ask for hugs again!!) Her skin is very sensitive. The dress she is wearing in the first picture is the one we sent her for her birthday. It came with the little bow for her hair and she is holding the books and cards we sent her too! That is the coolest thing to see!!!
We sent another disposable camera to Blake so we should get some pictures of him soon. I will post them as soon as we get the camera back! I wish we got updates on Blake too but that's one of the perks of having an agency. Usually we get at least one picture of both of them together but not always, like this one. :(

Monday, December 19, 2005

More Court News

We just got an e-mail from Penny stating that our hearings went "very smoothly". YEAH!!!!!! Penny also said that she expects the judge to sign the first decree ASAP! I am not sure how long this will take but hopefully we are on target for a trip to Taiwan in late February!!!

Thanks for all of your prayers! We are making some progress!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


On Friday night, we decided to e-mail Penny to see what Blake and Ling-Wei want and need for Christmas. I also asked if we had entered the courts yet and she replied with a copy of an e-mail she had sent us on Thanksgiving Day that told us we had court dates!! Turns out it did come through on Mark's account but was lost in the pages of e-mails he gets daily! I was so shocked when I started reading what she had written. We have been praying that our court hearings would be close to each other and it can't get much closer. The hearings are on 12-13 & 12-14! Of course we are praying that we get final rulings on these days but it is not likely. It could take up to 2 months between the hearing dates and our final ruling to come in but we will continue to pray that we get a fast judge that sees no need for any further information for our cases. I cannot wait to hear that we have a ruling. Sometimes, Cathwel will let you start making travel plans without a final ruling so we will see. We are getting so excited about getting our children home.
Please keep these dates on your prayer lists!


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