Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Our First Update on Ling-Wei - June

Weight is 17.2kg and Height is 95cm We got our first update today on Ling-Wei. What a great surprise after a long day at work to come home to a package from the agency. The first thing we noticed is that they cut her hair very short! Daddy was a little upset! He likes his girls to have long hair! That's ok though, she is still a doll! This was our favorite picture of her. She looks like she may have a bit of a "Tude"!! Her update says she has some difficulties with handling her frustrations. If she doesn't get her way, she lays on the floor and cries for a while. (Sounds like a typical 2 year old) She also does not interact much with the other children. Just stands off to the side and takes it all in. Poor thing, she is so scared! Being in a new place with a lot of children. She is not used to this.

Friday, July 15, 2005

This will break your heart!

We received an e-mail from Penny today. They explained to Chia-Ho that we would be coming for Ling-Wei and then return for him when his paperwork was completed and he expressed a fear that if we took Ling-Wei home first, we would love her more than him! So.......we will wait. We will bring them both home at the same time. We have no idea how long this will be but God has settled our dilema.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


We recieved word today that the orphanage is having some difficulties with Chia-Ho's paperwork and that's why we haven't received anything. They were also trying to hold off on Ling-Wei's so they could send them at the same time.
Apparently, when Chia-Ho was at the Guang-Tz Orphanage the director there had been granted guardianship of the children so, when many of the children were transferred to Jonah House, they did a mass change of guardianship. Well, Chia-Ho was somehow missed in this process so, the director at the other orphanage still has legal guardianship of him. Problem being, he is no longer working there and no one knows where to find him. So Cathwel has petitioned the Taipei Government to appeal for guardianship of Chia-Ho. The government will then grant guardianship to Cathwel, they will sign the release and then the judge can approve the adoption. This will eliminate the search for the previous director of the Guang-TZ Orphanage and having him sign the release for adoption documents. Penny says that this could take 1-2 months at least just to get into the courts, but thought that this would be the faster route. So knowing this, we have decided that we will go ahead and proceed with Ling-Wei and return for Chia-Ho when everything is settled. This is really a hard decision. Chia-Ho's papers aren't ready and they can only guess at how long it will be until they are, but Ling-Wei has been waiting to come home since the end of May. Only God knows what will happen and when our children will come home to us. Please pray for us!


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