Saturday, December 03, 2005


On Friday night, we decided to e-mail Penny to see what Blake and Ling-Wei want and need for Christmas. I also asked if we had entered the courts yet and she replied with a copy of an e-mail she had sent us on Thanksgiving Day that told us we had court dates!! Turns out it did come through on Mark's account but was lost in the pages of e-mails he gets daily! I was so shocked when I started reading what she had written. We have been praying that our court hearings would be close to each other and it can't get much closer. The hearings are on 12-13 & 12-14! Of course we are praying that we get final rulings on these days but it is not likely. It could take up to 2 months between the hearing dates and our final ruling to come in but we will continue to pray that we get a fast judge that sees no need for any further information for our cases. I cannot wait to hear that we have a ruling. Sometimes, Cathwel will let you start making travel plans without a final ruling so we will see. We are getting so excited about getting our children home.
Please keep these dates on your prayer lists!

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