Sunday, November 13, 2005

October Update

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!!! Ling-Wei turned three on October 2nd. We have been waiting for these pictures of her birthday party for a month in a half! Isn't she beautiful! Ling-Wei loves to sing and so she sang Happy Birthday to herself. Isn't she just sooooo cute!!!! We are very happy that big brother Blake was able to celebrate her B-Day with her! She was not alone! They are just so sweet together. Blake is really looking well in these pictures. He looks happy and his coloring is looking much better! If you are wondering what is on her head in the last picture, it's a little blanket we sent to her. Don't know why it is wrapped around her head but it sure does look cute! Take a look at Ling-Wei's little pinky finger. You will see that it is crooked and it just so happens that Tommy's (our 14 year old) and my little pinky are also crooked. Isn't that too cool!!
Well, it was kind of funny because I left for the Women Of Faith Conference (along with 75 other ladies from our church) on Friday afternoon. I drove a car load over a little early so we could sneak some shopping in before the conference started. We got to our first store and Mark called to tell me that we got our update! I knew soon as I left it would come and so it did! I wanted to leave Orlando and come home right away (for a minute) then I remembered...I was free for the weekend!! Mark was trying to tell me that Ling-Wei was holding the gifts and cards that we had sent over for her but he could hardly talk!! As a matter of fact, I was getting a little upset with him because he was crying so much he couldn't give me any details about the pictures. Taylor (our 9 year old) got on the phone and gave me great detail so all was well. She was soooo excited too!!!! I think that made this whole thing real for the kids seeing that they both had the things that we have sent to them. It is finally setting in for me that Blake and Sophia are really coming home soon! We have to start getting things ready for them like beds and clothes, etc. I don't work well under pressure like my friend Kim does, so I need to start making a plan now and putting it into action. It's been a long time since we had a 3 year old in our house so I have a lot of work to do. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we did!

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Connie and Mark said...

Hello and Good Luck!
Maybe our paths will cross in the future. We are adopting a seven year old boy named Yu-Chen who also lives at Jonah House. Maybe he and Blake are already friends!


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