Sunday, August 15, 2004


These are the first few steps in the process:

We first had to apply to an adoption agency. We decided to go with Commonwealth Adoptions International based out of Tampa, FL. They accepted us into their Taiwan program on and now the next step is the homestudy. This process involves having a licensed social worker come to our house and "interview" us and find out if we are up to the task of parenting another child. He will go into great detail regarding our childhoods, schooling, religious beliefs, dating and marriage views and that's just the begining!! There are also 3 background checks we will go through. This is quite a lengthy and indepth ordeal. He will also be looking at our house to determine if we have sufficient space for another child and speak with our children to find out what they think about adding a child by adoption to our family. Our homestudy is scheduled for August 24th.

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