Wednesday, May 18, 2005

OH .........BOY!!!!!!!

Thanks to our very special kind & sweet friends, Frank & Kim Farley......... looks like we may be adding another one to our evergrowing family!!! Frank & Kim just returned from Taiwan with their newest additions Hannah, Josiah & Caleb from Cathwel. Welcome Home!! Along with their new additions, they came back armed with photos of a little boy named Chia-Ho who also needs a home. They are on a mission! Nathan (one of Frank and Kims sons) and Chia-Ho were in an orphanage together in Taiwan so Nathan is excited about the possibility of him coming to the US. Mark saw the pictures of Chia-Ho and told Frank he was open to the idea of making him a part of our family. Well, that's all it took. Frank contacted Cathwel to find out if they would consider us to be his family and we have been on the phone with our agency to find out if Chia-Ho is actually available for adoption and what needs to take place. Now we wait to see what happens. We will keep you posted.

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