Sunday, June 17, 2007


Well....Here it is!! We are officially parents to a 16 year old boy with a CAR!!!!
Tommy left for camp this past Monday and we started the hunt for a car for him. He had the money (most of it anyways :P), we just found the car for him! We wanted it to be a surprise and boy was it ever! I could not sleep Wednesday night and just kept praying and asking God to bring the right car to us and give us some kind of a sign so that we would know it was the right one. I was searching on Wednesday night and found a car in our area and when Mark got home from church, he e-mailed the guy. The guy calls him back on Thursday and it turns out that he's leaving for NY on Friday and wants to sell the car right away! The price is good and he offered to meet us at the church for us to look at it! I went to look at another car while Mark was waiting to meet at the church and by the time I arrived at the church, Mark had already driven the car and felt good about it. I told Taylor on the way that I had a good feeling about this and I thought this was going to be the one. When I got to the church, I stepped out of the car and the first words Mark said to me is, "Guess who Shaun works with?" Pam S.!! Turns out, he works as a teacher at the same school as a very good friend of the family!! THANK YOU GOD!!! That's the kind of sign I had prayed for! The guy was very young and is a speech teacher! So..................that's the story of how the car came to be! It's a beautiful 2000 Mustang! A reddish-orange color!
Now, Tommy got back tonight around 11:00pm from camp and was his normal talkative self! Mark had the car sitting across the whole driveway, all posed for the new owner as he arrived home! It was great! He was actually speechless and couldn't catch his breath once he realized that the car was his! Taylor gave him the keys and then it really hit him, IT WAS ALL HIS!!!
Daddy took him for a ride in it (it's a stick and he will have to learn to drive it) and he is in love! It was great to see his reaction! We also invited his girlfriend over to see it and her parents were kind enough to come by for a few minutes so they could "share the moment"! It was cute!
MY BABY BOY IS DRIVING A CAR!!!!!! I just don't see how that happens! Mommy is having a hard time letting her firstborn grow up! I know it is inevitable but does it have to happen soooo fast??!! He is such a good boy and we are soooo proud of him! I don't know many 16 yo teenage boys that would stand in front of almost 600 people and lead them in Worhsip like Tommy did a couple of weeks ago at church! It was a Youth Led service and he did an AWESOME job!! It was AMAZING to see my son and his passion for Christ!! Keep up the good work baby boy!! We love you and are so proud of you!!! You deserve the best!!


Tisra said...

Congratulations on parenting a godly son that you are proud of! I can only imagine that the past 16 years zoomed by in the blink of an eye. We have a 7 year old now, and I can hardly wrap my mind around it.

adopting from taiwan, waiting for referral

Dave said...

Sweet ride! Congrats Tommy. Hope to come down and let you take me for a ride! :-)
Dave Taylor


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