Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Stop At The Hospital

Taylor was very sick for a couple of days with what we thought was a little stomach bug. When she did not improve the third day, I called the pediatrician and they sent us directly to the hospital where we found out that she was severely dehydrated and was admitted. She had a viral infection that just had to run it's course and was helped with IV solutions for 4 days until she was able to eat and drink on her own! She lost 8 pounds and missed her 6th Grade field trip to SeaWorld and skate party! We are going to try and take her next month with one of her friends to the new Aquatica hoping to ease the blow!
She was a trooper though and her spirits were high the entire time (even with blood draws everyday!). She also learned a lot of what goes on behing the scenes of being a Dr and nurse!

She wants to thank the following people for coming to see her and for the thoughtful gifts:
1. Grandma
2. Savannah & Mrs. Kim
3. Sammy & Mrs. Sandy
4. Pastor Matt
5. Mr. Durwood and Mrs. Karen
We are blessed to have great friends!

This was the first time I (mom) had been away from Myli for more than a couple of hours but she got lots of bonding time with Daddy and they both loved it! She also got to spend time with her Aunt Kim who adores and spoils her rotten! This was good for all of us and it confirmed that she can make it without me as much as I don't want to admit it! Daddy did a great job keeping up with everything and everybody!

Thanks again to all who jumped in to help during this crazy time for our family! We can't tell you how much we appreciate you!


Mark Redfern said...


You know somebody named Durwood??!? Unbelievable! that's my grandfather's name! :) How old is this guy? Where did his name come from? :)

Katie Redfern (awaa)

Karen M said...

Melissa, So sorry to hear about all that went on with Taylor! My goodness... it must have been BAD to miss the end-of-the-school-year stuff! Glad she's out and feeling better.


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