Monday, June 23, 2008

Home Three Months!

This is Myli's "What you talkin' bout Willis?" face!

Playing dress-up!

Relaxing at Blake's football game!

Just bein Myli!

Giving Mommy Kisses!

Where does the time go??? It has been three months since we returned home with our little Princess! Besides her personality coming out more and more each day, she is growing like a weed now and at last weight check she weighed in at a healthy 17lbs and some change! She had her 10 month check up and seems to be right on track for her age. She is actually a little ahead on her verbal skills!! Speaking of her verbal skills, she has now added to her growing list of words and noises, barking like a dog, meowing like a cat, hissing like a snake and can tell you where her nose is and claps at everything she does! She continues to make new faces to get a laugh and loves to be the center of attention and will let you know when she is feeling left out! The biggest accomplishment is SHE IS WALKING! She started about three weeks ago taking a few steps on her own and now she is walking about 80-90% of the time! It breaks my heart because she wants to be held less now that she is more mobile but it is great to see her growing and becoming a little independent girl! I will try to add some video of her walking if I can figure out how to do it! Our three month post placement visit with our social worker is scheduled for next Saturday! I am very excited to share how well Myli is doing and to get some feedback from the SW. We are required to have three home visits the first year (3,6,and 12 months) we are home and then we will provide a yearly update until Myli turns 18! Seems like a lot of work but it really is worth it! We are also required to send updates on Blake and Sophi until they are 18 so we have a couple of years under our belts of doing the reports. It's actually a fun time to stop and look back over the past year and see the progress and growth they have all made and to take in how blessed we really are!
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Karen M said...

Cute as a button! She is something else, isn't she? Those little faces she makes are precious!

E said...

Oh my! I can't believe how much Myli has grown. She's simply gorgeous!!!

Abel totally makes the "What you talkin' bout Willis?" face! It took me awhile to decide whether or not something was wrong with him! :) But, he makes that face when he's eating. A kiss on the forehead is the remedy in his case. He's now a thumb sucking toddler and doing great!

Wonderful to hear things are going so well!

Love & blessings,

the Steiger's said...

She is walking. You go girl. All our kids walked very early. For some reason Jo is taking her time. (and that is fine)
I am so glad she is putting on some weight. And what a cutie she is.
Love, Lenka


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