Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Growing Up!

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Myli had her 18 month check-up last week! She is healthy and growing like a weed and way too fast for me! She is in the 8th percentile for her weight and 35th percentile for her height! I'm guessing she is just going to be a little peanut!! Myli was mimicking the pediatrician with hand gestures, it was quite hilarious to watch and Dr kept a close eye on her too and said she is very smart! We already knew that! LOL! Her new passion is reading. She used to bring you books and back into your lap saying "read" but now we find her reading all by herself! She LOVES books (like her Daddy)! She still loves to dance and sing and takes advantage to do so at every little jingle she hears! She continues to be a clown and is Little Miss Social ALL OF THE TIME! It is hard to get in and out of anywhere without her saying "HI" to all who walk by! She is quite vocal and I dare you not to say "HI" back to her!! She is relentless and will not stop until she is acknowledged! I don't take her to the grocery store anymore because it takes us way too long to get through by the time we stop and talk to everyone who she grabs their attention! She is working on all of her eye teeth (one is just about to poke through) and her 4th bottom tooth. This brings us to a total of 16 teeth when they all come in!! She had 3 when she came home so she has been working pretty hard getting them all in over the last several months. She continues to be one of the happiest babies we have ever been around. Even after receiving 4 shots in her little thighs!! OUCH!!


the Steiger's said...

what a cutie. She is growing up so fast. I am glad her dr. app. went well. Jo just had her 15 months and all of her test redone and everything is fine.
love, Lenka

Rob & Candy said...

wow- she is sooo adorable!

E said...

She's just so precious! She & Abel must have the same dancing souls - he's the same way...anything resembling music (even my humming) and he dances...and I'm a horrible hummer...I'm not even sure I can claim anything I ever do could possibly resemble music. Still...he *hears* it. :)

Love hearing about her sweet spirit & happy developments!

Much love!!!


Jan and Randy said...

Glad all is going well. I hope Turner takes after her and gets more teeth in soon Right now, he has 5! He too is one of the happiest children I've ever been around. This has been the least stressful child to enter our home (so totally different than when we brought Ansley home. Judson and Sawyer were not easy their first 6 months either.)

Love the dress Myli is wearing. She is a cutie.


Anonymous said...

So seems that Myli and Sakari has very similar personalities - only difference is that Sakari at her 18 month check up was in the 95th percentile in height and weight! She's a BIG girl!!! Myli is SO adorable!!!!!


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