Sunday, November 23, 2008

Operation Christmas Child Boxes!

Each year our family participates in the Operation Christmas Child program through our church. It is a great way to teach our children about giving and they love to shop for "their" child. This year proved to be a bit crazy as we all entered Target and each child got their own shopping basket! Not sure what we were thinking but was worth it in the end! Right in the middle of shopping, we heard that the Space Shuttle was launching and since all of our children love to watch the shuttle, they nicely (haha) threw their baskets at me as they ran for the door! After returning, the shopping continued. As we were making our way to the check out, Myli decided that she wanted to push the big cart and fell and busted her face on the metal bar! Blood was going everywhere as the manager scrambled to find paper towels and a boo-boo ice pack. After we got Myli all cleaned up, we again headed to the checkout and everyone checked out seperately to be careful not to combine any gifts! We came home and wrapped all of the boxes, decorated them with stickers, loaded them up, and prayed over them for the children that were to receive them!

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E said...

How fun! We do this one, too! We have another one we always do, too, and I always select kids the age of mine. This year it was fun because we have a new age group!!!

:( Too bad about the boo boo. Abel's pretty...well...clutzy. We've had a few split lips and some bumps and bruises. Even his speech therapist was in awe of his ability to fall in the weirdest ways. Poor little guy! He's getting better though and we're going to have him working with horses soon, which should help. Part of it isn't really clutziness so much as how adventurous he can be...he gets himself into predicaments!

Happy Christmas & New Year!!!



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