Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Re-Adoption Day!!


We are proud to announce that Myliah Nael Frehiwot is now an American Citizen! As you can see, she quickly took over and made a new friend! She sat on the Judge's lap the entire time, played with the gavel, and answered all of the questions she was asked! She pointed out and said each person's name in the room as asked by Judge Rainwater! ADORABLE!! Now all we have left paperwork wise to complete her adoption (other than post placement reports for the next 16 years)is to apply for her COC - Certificate Of Citizenship and a SS#!!

Just in case you are wondering about her name....we decided as a family to use part of Myliah's twin brother's name which is Nathnael as her middle name
(Nael - pronounced Ny-el)and then her 2nd middle name Frehiwot is her Ethiopian name. Nathnael passed away shortly after they were found and brought to the orphanage of malnourishment.

PS - Tommy & Taylor were at M-Fuge Youth Camp, that's why they are not in the pictures!
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Erica said...

I love how you came-up with her name! What a way to honor her brother!

Erica R.


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