Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Boy & Girl!

What can I with two 2 year old's is CRAZY!!!
The amount of energy these two have is incredible! I wish I had just one ounce of it! Our days are filled with trying to figure out how to keep these two busy! We like to go to the park and this also makes it easier for us to get to know Jonathan. He is shy but seems to be adjusting pretty well. Myliah took to him very well and they are inseparable! We call them "Pete & Re-Pete" because Jonathan repeats everything Myliah says! Just what I needed, to hear it all twice!!! Jonathan is behind in his language skills but I have a feeling he will be caught up in no time!
We are still waiting on the judge to put an order together so that Jonathan can come and live with us full-time. (wink, wink!) Not much we can do but wait and have fun in the meantime!
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