Friday, September 16, 2005

Ling-Wei's Birthday

Ling-Wei's birthday is October 2nd. We had hoped to have her home for her 3rd b-day but it hasn't worked out that way. Today we sent her a package with a blanket, a baby doll, cards from mommy and daddy, cards from brother and sisters, a card that about 75 people signed for her at church (not that she will read them), a couple of books, a dress and candy from Disney World (Mom went to Night of Joy there). Oh yeah, and a camera so they could take pictures of her birthday. We also sent Blake a package that had a "suit of sport" as Penny called it. Basically a jersey and some basketball pants. He requested black tennis shoes so we sent those, balls, and candy from Disney World too. We can't wait to see if the clothes fit them.

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