Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Authentication Complete

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!! We received our paperwork back from the TECO office in Miama today! I guess the extra money we paid for 3-6 day service was for nothing (it's been 3 weeks)! That's ok though, we have them now so we press on. We found one more paper that needs to be notarized so we will get things rolling on Monday morning. I can't wait to get these papers out of our hands! Everything that we have been working for is finally done and I want to get it on it's way!


Anonymous said...

we are at this stage right now----waiting for paperwork back from the State and then have to send it to TECO!! I am so ready for it to be out of my hands and mailed to Taiwan so that the Court process can finally begin---you know????

Anonymous said...

Ooops--I forgot to sign my name...

waiting for Gracen
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