Saturday, October 15, 2005

September Update

Weight is 18.5kg and Height is 97cm
This is an amazing update! Sounds like she is headed for the right family! Update says that Ling-Wei is uncomfortable with the temperature of the room rising! She was not able to sleep on her bed and got on the floor to sleep where it was cooler. (Sound like anyone you know and her MOMMY!!) They got a new playgym in the toddler room and she loves it. She has learned to climb, play, and use the slides. Now this made our hearts crumble: When Prudence (an administrator at Cathwel) chatted with Ling-Wei this was their dialogue: Prudence: Did your big brother play with you today? Ling-Wei: (Smiled and nodded her head) Prudence: What did you talk about? Ling-Wei: Twinkle, Twinkle, little star (singing in Chinese) Prudence: What else? Ling-Wei: How I wonder what you are. (again singing). Is God good or what???? If you know our family, you know that music is our lives and we are always singing and have music playing where ever we are. Mark being a Worship Pastor, this made him very proud and touched him in a special way! I am sure she will be on the praise team very soon!!! What confirmation about these children fitting into our family.

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