Monday, July 07, 2008

3 Month Post Placement Fun!

We are happy to report that our 3 month post placement visit went extremely well!
We greeted a very sweet SW at our front door who was totally smitten with our little Angel Myli! It was fairly easy and although Amy (SW) had not ever completed a post placement report for ET, it went flawlessly! We are dealing with a couple of issues, one being we now have three different birth dates for Myliah! One on her birth certificate, one on her Green Card, and the last would be in the paperwork we received with her referral. We have decided that we will have to use the date on her birth certificate (which has her 3 months older) since it is the legal birth date but we still don't believe that it is correct. I guess it really won't matter later in life! What is three months?! We now need to have her Green Card corrected so we can proceed with re-adoption "stuff". Overall, we were very happy and look forward to our 6 month post placement visit with Amy.

Just for those who may be interested in what a post placement will involve, see the following:

· Physical Stamina-mobility, etc.
· Intellectual Development-cognitive, speech and language skills
· Appearance, personality and character of child
· Health status of child-at time of adoption and now
· Include weight, height, head circumference, results of most recent physical examination & immunizations
· Report on any medical treatments for child with special needs, as well as any medical or developmental conditions
· Discuss child's and family's adjustment & attachment
· Discuss community and extended family’s response to child Discuss feelings and views of all.
· Education of child, if age appropriate. Discuss childcare arrangements, if applicable. Discuss method of education used by adoptive parents.
· Any changes in the family situation since the home study was completed (i.e. move, employment changes, health of parents, marital status, etc.) Discuss how adoption has changed the family situation.
· Daily routine and life of the adopted child (i.e. diet, sleep, play, etc…)
· Status of naturalization-family’s plans on re-adoption
4 color photos (one being a family photo) four copies of each.
Typing everything up will help with future pp visits. You can just go in and update your info quickly.


Karen M said...

Too cute!! Hope you're having a great summer. Miss seeing you around FFWP. Hugs for Sophie from Lena.

Emily said...

i happened upon your blog through the taiwan forum.
just FYI..we recently adoption a baby from vietnam. we are in the process of changing her birthdate. we picked a date out of thin air (although with meaning) that we thought was closer to her age. in vietnam the abandoned date is their birthday. so, you might want to take your girl to a ped and see what she thinks. anyway, i know it may not matter in the long run, but just wanted you to know it was possible. we knew our daughter was older and just did not want to celebrate the day she was abandoned.
your daughter is gorgeous!


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