Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summer Fun!!

Summer is going by so fast! Thanks to all of the thunderstorms almost daily, our outdoor activities have been limited. It's also very different this Summer having a baby in tow! Naptimes, bottles, fussiness seem to override anything else!!
We have had fun going to the pool, park, movies, some shopping and camps! Taylor and Blake went to Centri-Kid and had a blast! This was Taylor's second and last year to go and Blake's first year. Leyla and Blake will go together next year! Tommy went to Ecuador and Alabama on a mission trip and M-Fuge camp. We will start school supply shopping this week and looking for new clothes for school! This can either be really fun or really frustrating! Both Blake and Leyla are so small that it can be frustrating trying to find clothes to fit them! Thank God for the person who came up with the adjustable waist for pants/shorts/jeans!! We don't know you but we love you!! Everyone has grown so much this Summer and they ALL need new clothes! I am trying to decide how to split them all up this year. Sophi is not a shopper so she doesn't do well with "Marathon Shopping" so I may have to take her by herself to just a couple of stores!
So, that's how our Summer is going. Still trying to decide what/where we will vacation. Due to the price of gas, the lakehouse idea is out! We will stay closer to home but try to find somewhere to have some fun for a few days!
Enjoy the pics!

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