Monday, August 18, 2008

More School Pics

Leyla is 10 and starting the 4th grade. She loves school and is a good student!

Sophi is 5 and is starting Kindergarten! She attended First Friends Weekday Pre-School at our church for two years and has learned so much! She spoke no English when she came home just over two years ago and you would never know it now! It's really incredible!

******NOTE - NO, I didn't forget about Tommy but he was not really into having his picture taken for his first day of COLLEGE!!! We are so proud of him! He worked really hard to get good grades and he is now in the Early Admissions program at our local Community College and will graduate High School this year with an AA! He is taking 15 hours and so far he's loving it! He goes Monday -Thursday and is enjoying some freedom and getting a taste for adult life!

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