Monday, September 01, 2008

First Hair "DO"

Myli's hair is growing soooo fast now! When we went on vacation, we met a family that had a little girl who was a couple of months older than Myli. One night, we got on to the subject of hair and I told her dad that I couldn't wait for Myli's hair to grow so I could give her a "Do"! He told me that I needed to put it in "puffs" and that would make it grow. I was thinking to myself that she didn't have enough hair to put in puffs and that this may be an old wives tale, but it seems he knew what he was talking about! I took what little hair she had and put it in these puffs and her hair is growing like crazy! I am so excited to get to play with her hair now!!

1 comment:

the Steiger's said...

You go Mel,
great job with the hair. For some reason Jo hates when I do her hair. And since she has so much I have to do something everyday. Myli is so cute. And look at her how much she grown.
love, Lenka


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