Monday, September 01, 2008

Myli Update (5&6 month)

I know I say this each time I post an update about Myli but time is flying by so quickly! We are getting ready for our 6 month post placement visit which should be a breeze this time!
Myli is almost 14 months old and she is doing so well! We are excited to say she is now sleeping through the night with little to no night terrors in her own room!! Daddy puts her to bed each night and she wants her room pitched black! Crazy! If her door is cracked even the slightest, she will point to it until it is closed! She typically goes to bed around 8:30-8:45 and sleeps until 6:30 or so! With school starting back up, she now wakes along with everyone else. This makes for an early morning 3 hour nap and she seems to have given up her afternoon nap. Sleeping, check!Myli LOVES music! Anytime there is music, she sings at the top of her lungs and dances away! It's in her blood!! Over the Summer, Mark & I worked VBS and Myli tagged along every night to our music classes. She learned the chorus to one of the songs and it is now her fav. She will come up and start raising her hands and babbling wanting you to sing it. It goes, I won't stop never gonna stop praisin', everyday you'll be my number one, Jesus, Jesus, my numer one! She is so cute and raises her hands and does her little pointer finger for the number one part! So precious!! She is expanding her vocabulary each week. Her newest word is read. She will bring a book to you and say "read" and back up into your lap. The cutest! She is also picking up on more and more sign language! This is the coolest thing ever!! I always heard that babies could sign but for some reason, didn't really believe it! She signs, please, thank you, more, all gone, cracker, milk, nite-nite (sleepy)We are plugging along with the weight! She is so ready to sit in a front facing carseat so she can see out of the car! This is one of her least favorite things to do but I think when she is able to turn around, she will be much happier. Still loves her bath time and massage. So, I think that's about it, we are so in love with this little girl! She was made for our family!!!

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