Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Vacay At Disney Resort!



We have visited the ALL-STAR MUSIC DISNEY RESORT for the past two Summers and have had a great time! They have so many activities for the kiddos from morning until night including family movie at the pool each evening! Myli is such a daredevil and the first night fell off the step in the pool and scared us to death! Well, we thought she "fell" off the step! Mark kept trying to take her out with him to float around the pool and she wanted nothing to do with that. I looked at him and said, "You know what she wants right?" and sure enough, I took her, turned her towards daddy and she took right off SWIMMING! Full on face under water and everything! She didn't stop for days! She woke up saying "wimming" and went to sleep saying the same! It was great to see the difference between this Summer and last! She just floated around last year taking it all in and this year she was part of the action! So cool! Tommy & Taylor tanned and napped a lot and Blake, Sophi and Josiah (Blake's friend) played until they couldn't play anymore each day! This was our last vacation before Tommy left for college. It was bittersweet! Vacations with a big family are so much work but oh so awesome!!
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Danielle said...

It's been wonderful catching up with your family! Nice work doing all the catch up! You are WAY more ambitious than me. I love all the collages.



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