Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Week Home!

We have had a great first week home! I know I already wrote a post on this but I will say that everyone is adjusting very well and we are all getting along great! We were afraid that our Sophi may have some issues with not being the baby anymore but she has taken on the role of big sister so well! She makes sure that Myliah has her blanket and binkie when needed and that there are toys everywhere we go! Taylor has blown us away with her ability to help with ALL areas of being the oldest big sister! She loves to dress her, change diapers, help with baths, and feed Myliah! She has been a lifesaver to mommy!! Tommy is doing great too! He's a great big brother and likes to carry Myliah because she gets the attention of the girls!!! He's 17, what do you expect!! Blake and Leyla are doing well, they have been the least affected by the changes! They have each other to play with and things are running smoothly for them too! They like to play with Myliah and help too!


Carpenters said...

Mel, I love all of the pictures! It looks like you had a great trip. I'm a little jealous that you got to meet Rachel and Barrett. We just missed them. Myliah is so precious. You have such a beautiful family!

With Love,

Karen M said...

I love, love, love all the new pictures. Myli looks SO sweet. She's gorgeous! I can't get over those eyes of hers. Thanks for the update. ~Karen

shawn and tisha said...

Thanks for sharing all about your time in ET and all the pictures! Myliah is so cute! I am so happy to hear that everyone in your family is adjusting so well - That's great! :)

Annie said...

Wow- when did Sophi start to look so grown up? You have such lovely children. Myliah sure has a winning smile. I'm glad Taylor is loving having a baby sister!

Shana said...

Mel, I think I have been lost from your blog for some months now. We were bringing home our children from TW. Anyway, I didn't even know you were travelling so imagine my surprise when I saw you were home?! Congratulations. Myliah (what a beautiful name) is gorgeous and looks so happy. I love your family photo, makes me tear up.

We live in Orlando, not far from you, I think, and would love to meet up anytime.


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