Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I can't even begin to tell you how awesome this trip has been!!
Sorry about the updates or the lack of! We just realized today that I was e-mailing the wrong place! oopss!

So, anyways, here's a quick run down of our time so far!

The flights were pretty daunting just due to the length of them! We arrived in DC and the computers were down at ET Air so they were reticketing and boarding everyone by hand and we were the lucky ones to have only waited about 2.5 hours! At one point, the doors were closed and locked and we thought we were going to be in the Dulles airport for the night! After much prayer and pleading with the Man upstairs, we were given seats and took off an hour and a half late!
Good news is we made it and were off running to the transition home Monday morning to meet our sweet babies! What an amazing experience that was! Myliah was very apprehensive at first and cried a bit but we were able to walk around with her and feed her some cereal and rock her to sleep before leaving. I can't say enough about the staff at the home! They love the children as their own and it is very evident! Myliah's nanny was very helpful in showing us how to calm her crying and what noises she uses to soothe her! It was hard to leave her but knowing that the next day would be for forever was an amazing feeling!
This morning (Tuesday) we loaded up to go back to the home one last time. Myliah was sleeping when we got there so we asked her nanny to let her sleep and we took the next hour or so to play and hold the other babies and children at the home! (note to these families, i will try to email your pictures very soon!) All of the children are precious and love the attention!!
Myliah woke up and was changed and handed over to us by her nanny whose heart was visibly breaking! She watched our every move to make sure that we knew exactly what to do and then stood at a distance as Myliah became more familiar with us! There has been a huge change in that Monday, she was more comfortable with Mark and today she has totally taken to her mommy and even cries when I leave the room!
Saying goodbye to the nannies was very emotional for me! Several of the nannies were wiping their tears away as they kept kissing Mylliah goodbye for the last time! As we were walking out the gate, we were called back by one of the nannies and the Director because the guard wanted to say a special goodbye to Myliah. He said he was like her daddy and he loved her and it hurt to see her go! The flood gates were opened!!! She was so loved and it shows!!!!
We have had an awesome day with her! After saying our goodbyes, she has only cried maybe two times and she was just hungry! She is adjusting beautifully and is one of the most mellow babies I have ever been around! We all met for dinner and a paperwork party tonight and we got to meet Girmachew! All I have to say is that Girmachew and Bebe are two amazing men and work so very hard to make things happen on this end!! It's an eye opener to see what happens on this side of the world!
I think I have covered everything up to this point only leaving out some touring, shopping and paperwork drama but all is good and we are just so excited about having this sweet little girl in our lives! It has been an amazing journey and we have fallen in love with the people of Ethiopia and the culture here!


Danielle said...

Harpolds: How amazing to hear about your trip to your precious Myliah. Thank you SO much for sharing. Can't wait to hear more and see more pictures.

Danielle (aw)

Gibson Family said...

Mark & Mel,
We are absolutely gobbling up everything you're posting about Myli!!! She is soooo beautiful and sounds like she's already bonding to you!!! I started weeping reading about your good-byes....the guard was so loving to your daughter! Oh my!!
We can't wait to hear more soon...
lots of love & praying
aunti kiki

Karen M said...

I was just begging info from Mark's niece and from Kim at the preschool. I'm so happy to read about your trip and to see how wonderfully things are going so far. Can't wait to meet Myliah in person. She's lovely!! And so TINY.

Anonymous said...

Mark and Mel,

You guys are doing awesome!!!! So happy to hear how you are taking the time to fall in love with the culture and taking the bumps in the road with a dose of grace! Myliah is so sweet looking!!! Can't wait to hear the good news of a great trip home!

Tonkin Tribe said...

Mel and Mark

It is so great to finally see you holding your precious little girl!

She is beautiful!


~* Starr *~


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