Saturday, January 14, 2006


We finally booked our hotel last night and got confirmation this morning.
We will be staying at the Dong-Wu Hotel in Taipei. Our room has one queen bed and one twin bed. We will request a roll away so we will have a bed for everyone.
Now I can move on! I never knew trying to book a room would be so difficult!

And.....I put my notice in on Thursday! We have decided that it would be best if I could be home with Sophi to help with the transition and all of the adjustments that will be going on with everyone. I will probably look for another little girl to keep in our home once Sophi is settled in and Blake is in school. This should help with the finances some. I really think Blake will adjust fairly quick but I will be home in case I need to go to the school for anything. I will take him to the school for testing to see where they think he should be placed. He will probably catch on to English pretty quick but will also be in an ESOL (English as a second language) class. We have a part time music teacher who thinks she will be able to communicate in Mandarin Chinese with Blake. She is excited to try.

Well, I better get back to preparing the house and getting things ready to pack!

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