Wednesday, January 04, 2006


We are glad to report that we got news today that we will be traveling in February. We have to wait until Chinese New Year is over which is January 29th thru February 5th. We contacted the travel agent today and will know tomorrow what our options are as far as our itenerary. We need to decide on which Hotel we will be staying at and Todd will also take care of booking this for us. He was great and very helpful! I spent most of the day going in circles with a big grin plastered on my face, but I did manage to get some shopping done. I just guessed as far as Blake goes and mostly got sweats and sports pants that have elastic waists in them. I had a blast getting things ready! We need to figure out what kind of beds to get for the boys room and then purchase the mattresses. I already have the bedding for them and Sophi. Tomorrow I will go into work for a while and then we are off to the health department to start our shots! YIKES! I don't like needles! We have decided to get Hep A & B.

Will give more details when we hear something more!

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