Thursday, January 05, 2006

Travel Plans

We spoke with our travel agent today Todd and he was wonderful. He was so helpful and found the best price and itenerary for us.

Looks like we will be leaving on Saturday evening February 11th at 7pm out of Orlando and will go to San Fran have a 6 hour layover (from midnight to 6am) and then arrive in Taipei Monday morning at 7:00am. We will be leaving Taipei on Friday evening at 11:00pm, February 17th go back through San Fran where we will have a 5 hour layover (from 6pm to 11pm) and arrive back in Orlando on Saturday morning February 18th at 6:55am! All I can say is OH MY!!!! We are flying Eva Deluxe so that should help with the looooong flights! And do I ever need HELP!!!! I do not like to fly AT ALL and I barely made it on a 5 hour flight to California two years ago! Oh well! It's all worth it!!

We don't know when we will be able to pick Blake & Sophi up as of yet or when our AIT appointment is but I will post that when we find out. We will also be meeting with Sophi's birthmother and birth grandmother sometime while we are there too. I think I am most nervous about this meeting than anything else!

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Drew and Lori said...

So excited for you!! not much longer and those two children will be in your arms forever!!!
lori j.


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