Saturday, January 21, 2006

I LOVE PACKING (not really)

Well, we made a lot of progress today. We got Blake and Sophi's things all packed up and ready to go! That is a big load off my mind. I realized that I needed to get some socks for Blake and some snacks for the loooooong plane ride home but other than that, I just need to finish up some shopping for gifts to bring to the caregivers and social workers at the orphanage. I will also be looking for some donations of clothing to bring to the children who are still at the orphanage waiting for their own family.
Now I can concentrate more on getting our stuff together and TT&L's stuff together to stay at Uncle Davids and Aunt Karens house.

My mom will be taking us to the airport and will bring our van to pick us up on Saturday the 18th. We are getting in really early in the morning so I'm sure there won't be too many greeting us at the airport! LOL Our plane arrives at 6:55 in the morning! Of course, we will be on Taiwan time so we should be ok! Then the fun will start.......getting Blake & Sophi on our time schedule! I hope they adjust well!

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