Sunday, January 22, 2006


I was just told that we will not be receiving anymore updates! It is kind of sad because the kids (ok, all of us)really look forward to seeing new pictures every month but, at the same time, it's really cool to know that we will be seeing Blake & Sophi in person in less than a month (20 days to be exact)! We are getting a little nervous about how we are going to communicate with them because they don't speak any English and we don't speak Chinese! I know how to say I love you but that's it! I know it will all work out though! It's just a matter of getting some of the basics down and we will make it.
So, unless there is some unexpected news, I will just be posting when I need to get my bearings about me in prepararing to travel.


Brian and Holly said...

Congrats on your news to travel! Thought I'd reply re the Dong Wu Hotel.
Pros - Price, very clean, very nice rooms, filtered hot and warm water in rooms (wall unit), Staff is great, Internet options in room but not sure of hookup with US connections, free internet though, Breakfast buffet good, "Welcome" supermarket next door with anything that you'd need and a nice cafe called Dantes down the street I believe (hubby went).
Cons - Business hotel, not the best situation with an infant. We have seen families stay here though with older children. In the old section of Taipei (pro for us), nicer part of town is 20 mins away in traffic, not a large variety of restaurants, plenty of Taiwanese food stalls though. I'm vegetarian so had to find other options, we ended up just getting some groceries at Welcome. There is no heat yet but we managed to get a space heater.
I'm sure I've forgotten some things but I'm very tired right now. I haven't left our room all day except for now to have a coffee and use the internet. Jesse got sick a little bit, nothing bad but constipated due to turning his world upside down. He'll need to adjust. He's also a little congested. We spoke to our doctor but nothing you can really do for a 4 month old. We leave tomorrow for the States. This has been very hard on all of us. It's our first child and we didn't know it would be this hard but the greatest feeling at the same time. I look forward to returning to the UAE to get into a routine. I wish you luck on your journey to see Blake & Sophi. We love Taiwan but wish we could have seen more. We'll have to visit again soon. Best, Holly

amazing grace said...

Wow Mel....less than 20 days now!!! YOu are almost there!! HOw exciting!


Chris and Liz's Adoption News said...

Your girls will be home soon, how exciting, I love the shirts...

Can't wait to hear about your trip


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