Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Travel Update

Ok, It has been a great couple of days! We heard from Penny on 1-10 and she told us that we can pick Blake & Sophi up on Monday, February 13th at 10:00am! I was so excited until I realized that this was only three hours after we landed. This meant going straight to Jonah House from the airport! I e-mailed her back and just told her our arrival time and she suggested that we pick another time that would be better for us. So...........We will meet our children fot the first time at 2:00 on February 13th!!!
What a great Valentines Day we are going to have!!!
Our AIT interview is set for February 15th and we will be given a date and time when to return to pick up their Visa's and then we leave Taiwan on Friday the 17th.
I can't believe I am actually typing this information! It has been way too long and I am really ready for the trip.
We still have not decided where we will be staying!! This is driving me bonkers! It is hard to find a room that will sleep 4 people without taking out a small loan to pay for an executive suite! Most "double" rooms have 2 twin beds in them, not 2 queen. It is crazy! Well, hopefully we will decide before the weekend is over so I can move on and get something accomplished.
We got our first shots today. Ouch!! It wasn't too bad. We will return for the second in the series on Feb. 9th, right before we leave.
Oh yeah, as if I don't have enough to think about, I was called for jury duty back in November and had completely forgotten about it until Mark reminded me last night that it's NEXT WEEK! First, I have never been called before, and second, I don't have time to do this! I have things to do!!! Oh well, I will report for duty and I'm hoping that when they find out I will be out of the country next month, they will release me. Fat chance probably but I will probably ask to be rescheduled.

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