Friday, February 10, 2006


We will be leaving around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon for the airport!
Tommy, Taylor and Leyla are staying at Uncle David and Aunt Karen's house while we are gone. Pray for them! All of them! I know it will be hard on the kids because we are going to be gone for a week. It will be hard on Mom and Dad too! And, David & Karen will have 4 children to deal with instead of one! THANK YOU GUYS! WE OWE YA!!

Please continue to pray for us as we take the next step on our journey to bring Blake & Sophi home! We are so excited but nervous at the same time. We know that God will be with us every step of the way though and He will help us through it all!

We will both try to post messages on this site while we are gone. Mark is not sure if we will be able to post pics yet but at least messages to let everyone know how we are doing and adjusting!

Can't wait to get back!


The Rasmussen's said...

definite prayers coming your way!! It won't be long now and you will be in the air.



amazing grace said...

yeah!!! you are on your way!!! saying prayers for you Mel and can't wait to see pics with you and blake and sophie!!!


Ross Household said...

It is 9:37 pm Sunday night - have you see Sophi and Blake yet? Church was great this morning - but not the same without you two. Talked to Karen this morning - she said Tommy, Taylor & Leyla were doing great - went right to bed last night. There is a lot of anticipation from this end. Lots & lots of prayers. Darryl had a special prayer for you four during the song service. Love ya, Lenora


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