Sunday, February 19, 2006


We are soooo very happy to be back home!! There truly is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!

We had good flights home but not a lot of sleep so we are very very tired.
When we arrived in Orlando this morning, Most of the Farley Tribe were there to greet us along with Tommy, Taylor, and Leyla! My mom was also there but waited at baggage claim. That was a great welcome home for us and we needed to see some familiar faces! We missed everyone so much!

Blake took a few minutes to warm up to everyone but was soon playing and fitting right in! Sophi and Emma were so sweet together. They held hands and played. Sophi also took a liking to Zachary! I feel like they will adjust very well. Now just to get Sophi to give Mark some space! He's loving it but needs a little break!

We just stayed around the house today and got a little rest. Blake has hit it off well with Tommy and the X-Box games and Sophi has been a little ham running around playing. She sat for a long time with Taylor tonight just giving her kisses over and over. So sweet!

Well, it is late and I think that we may get to bed real soon. Maybe it won't take too long for everyone to get back on schedule and our days and nights will be all straightened out soon.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support on this long journey to our blessings! Glad to be home safe and sound!

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Lenora said...

Welcome home!!! Knew you would be too tired and your family needed to bond today - but I was sort of, selfishly, hoping you would be at church. Can't wait until you bring everyone by the office. So happy for you! Love, Lenora


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