Thursday, February 16, 2006


We started out the day with a trip to the Handicraft Market. It was a neat place. We did not get to stay as long as I wanted due to having two children who don't understand the words, "Don't Touch" (in English anyway)!! Blake and Sophi were ready to run around, not look at things in a store. We left the Handicraft Market and walked a few blocks until we found an MRT station. The MRT is a subway system here and was really really crowded. I thought it would be really easy to find our way around and it wasn't too bad but, like I said, Blake and Sophi were running all around while we were trying to figure out which loop to get on. It was quite comical for those around us I'm sure! When we finally got on the MRT, we headed down to the Main station and found a little shopping mall and a food court!!!! YEAH, FOOD!!!! We had lunch at a place called Sunflowers and they had spaghetti and garlic bread!! That was soooo good! We looked around for a while and Blake and Sophi had ice cream and then we headed back to the Handicraft Market where our taxi was waiting.

We are very tired and looking forward to an early night tonight!

We are leaving tomorrow evening at 8:00 to head to the airport. Our flight leaves Taipei at 11:30pm.
Please pray for a safe trip back home for us!!! Both Blake and Sophi are getting colds so also pray that they will have a good flight and not have problems with their ears or anything.

Tommy, Taylor and Leyla:
I am so glad we got to talk to you this morning!!! We have missed you sooooooo much!!! We cannot wait for you to meet your new brother and sister! I know you will love them as much as we do!
See you very soon!!!!
Love, Mommy and Daddy


Barbara Harpold said...

Good morning! We are all praying for you here. Hope you have a great trip home. It will be quite an experience for Blake and Sophi! Can't wait to meet them. Love, Mom and Dad

Lenora said...

Good Morning, What an experience! I am so excited for your family it brings tears! I am praying for a safe trip - Blake & Sophi don't get sick - and a great reunion for all seven of you - and of course extended family! Love ya guys, Lenora

The Rasmussen's said...

Mel -

Praying for safe travels back to the States. I am anxious to see the pictures of you with your little ones.
God has indeed blessed your family--Kelly
ps were you able to get the pictures that I wanted -- if not that is ok


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