Wednesday, February 15, 2006


This is what we have done so far today:

We had our AIT appointment at 8:30 this morning to apply for Blake and Sophi's visa's. Our social worker Maria met us there and they ushered us right up to where we needed to be. It did not take long at all. We were there about an hour or an hour and a half. Maria was happy to see the kids. She said they looked very happy. While waiting at AIT I got to talk to Maria a bit about the children and she gave me some very helpful information. I found out that Sophi is used to having a bottle of milk every night before bed so that was nice to know. Maybe tonight will go a little smoother at bed time! She also said that one of the reasons Sophi probably attached to Mark so fast is that he looks a lot like her foster father and she was VERY attached to him. Made me feel a little bit better anyways. She actually let me dress her this morning without crying. She was sitting on Mark's lap but that's ok, it was a nice baby step.
After our AIT appointment, we went to what Maria called a children's amusement park. Mark & I were both expecting something similar to Sea World. No.....this would be more like a traveling circus with about one third of the rides and things to do. Blake requested (actually, he insisted) to Maria that we go before he left Taiwan so that's why we went. They both had a great time running around and played at the little playground so it was well worth the visit. It felt like it was 100 degrees though!
While at AIT this morning, Maria invited us back to Jonah House so the children could say good-bye to Blake and Sophi. Blake's friends only went to school a half of a day today and Sophi's friends who are in K will be home around 4:00. We are leaving the hotel at 3:00. We will meet Sister Rosa and see where Blake & Sophi have lived. We are very excited.
Well, I will go upstairs and prepare for our trip to Jonah House. We will let you know how it goes!

Tommy, Taylor & Leyla:
Mommy and Daddy miss you soooooo much!!!!
We love you ooooooodles and oooooodles!!!!


Barbara Harpold said...

Mark & Melissa - Since I've learned how to use this blogspot, I check in each morning to see how things are going. Sounds like all is well. We're praying for you here and are looking forward to meeting the kids. Mom and Dad

Lenora said...

Good morning, boy you have been busy! Just think what Blake & Sophi will think of Disney or Sea World!! I pray they will be so excited about the travel that all will go well as you head back home. So - hurry home. Love, Lenora

The Rasmussen's said...

Mel it sounds like things are starting to get better. I am so happy to hear it. It is neat that you are going to meet Sister Rosa -- from what I understand many people don't get to do that.

I will pray for safe travels--



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