Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Well, we went to Jonah House at 3:30 today and were greeted by some of the nicest people ever! We first went to the older boys wing where we were bombarded with the boys trying out their English skills on us. Some were very good and some...well they were not! They all tried hard though. Blake handed out his gifts and they were all so happy. Blake took us to his old room and showed us his bed. He slept on the top in bunk beds. We got to take lots of pictures and video of Blake with his friends. We also met Teresa who is the social worker for this group of boys. She was very kind and told us of all of the boys who also needed a home. They were all touching and pulling my hair. The ladies just laughed and said many of them had never seen my color hair (blonde). It was funny. They also thought that my freckled arms were funny. LOL We had a great time. Blake was ready to go home. That was an awesome feeling!

From the boys wing, we went over to the toddler wing. It was so nice to see how much the caregivers really care for the children. Sophi was greeted by ladies and one gentleman that were so happy to see her. They just doted all over her and held her and gave her candy!! She showed us her little toddler bed where she slept next to her little buddy. He was a doll. We timed things good. The older children were still at school so she was the only older toddler there at the time so she got a lot of special attention! And boy was she loving it!!!! She got to have snack time and helped feed the little toddlers. Shortly after snack time, her friends came in from school and they were also very happy to see her. They hugged and kissed and played until nap time and then we had to say our goodbye's. I will sum this part up into a few words. It was heart wrenching! I have never seen such hurting! Sophi was truly loved and was very special to the caregivers and that made things very hard for everyone. Blake was very sweet to Sophi when we left and he comforted her in the car until she had calmed down. He is a great big brother.

We had the privilege of meeting and talking with Sister Rosa. She is a dear lady! She was so kind and so compassionate with the children! She is a very matter of fact woman and will tell you exactly what you need to know. She had a long talk with Blake and Sophi about their new lives in America and that she wanted the best for them.

I am glad to have this part of the journey behind us. We were caught off guard with the idea of saying good-bye because when we arrived Monday, Sophi had her backpack on and was ready to go. She did not cry or anything when we left so we had a different idea of how things were going to go. That's ok. I know that this needed to happen so Blake and Sophi would have a definite separation from this life. We will always remember how blessed we are to have the 5 children that God has given us through birth and adoption! We are truly BLESSED!

Can't wait to come home!!

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The Rasmussen's said...

This brings tears to my eyes! The children at Jonah House are indeed loved by their caregivers you can see it in their face.

I pray for a wonderful transition for Blake and Sophi!

Godspeed --



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