Friday, February 24, 2006


Picture #1 - We are standing outside of Jonah House where Blake and Sophi have been living. Pic#2 - Blake and Sophi in the activity room where we first met them. Pic#3 - Blake & Sophi with Penny who is the Assistant Director of the Orphanage and Maria, their social worker. Pic#4&5 - Our first night together in the hotel having a good old fashion pillow fight.


Lenora said...

Good morning! Thanks for sharing the pictures. One day Blake and Sophi will tell you just how wonderful it was when you came to bring them home. You have to keep up posting - this is one way I get to visit with you all. Love ya, Lenora

H.B. said...

Ohhhh, those pics are so cute! Glad you got one of the four of you while still there, i think that's really special to have. Lots of Love and God bless you all!!

~ Hillary

Julia Anderson said...

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