Monday, February 13, 2006


Let's see....I'll start off where I ended yesterday afternoon. By the time I returned to the room from posting, Sophi had stopped crying. She was upset that I had taken her shoes off of her! She had another melt down when we were tried to change her into her jammies for bed but sat with Mark until she calmed down.
We ventured out for dinner last night and Mark, Blake and Sophi ate
at a little place right by the hotel. I was not up to eating.

Anytime we say we are going "bye-bye", Sophi runs and gets her backpack that she brought with her from Jonah House! She is soooo cute. It was really heavy so when she went to sleep, we took some things out of it and made it more manageable.
Mark was exhausted last night so he fell asleep in the bed with Blake and Sophi and I was in the twin all by myself! Sophi woke up once and was crying and I just rubbed her back and she went right back to sleep. She is attached to Mark like super glue! If he leaves the room, she screams her head off!!!! She does not want anything to do with me right now. She just cries when I try to touch her so I will wait it out and let her get used to me. Maria, who was Sophi's social worker told us that she was VERY attached to her foster father and this may be why she is so attached to Mark. Blake is as sweet as they get (so far)!! He helps to comfort Sophi when she is upset and he has told us when she needed to go potty so far. We are so glad that Penny worked on letting them get aquainted before we came. Blake is a little smaller than I thought he would be. He wears about a size 6 or 7. He loved all of his clothes that we brought for him. He also loves the Game Boy that Frank & Kim Farley sent for him too. He now asks for it in English.

This morning, we came downstairs for breakfast and found out that Sophi really does like to eat! They told us at Jonah House that food and sleep are very important to her and boy were they ever right!! Blake is a much pickier eater than Sophi. He eats very little and has a lot of energy to burn off.
We found the Wellcome Supermarket today and bought some food items, water, and juice for lunch. We are talking about going to McD's for dinner tonight. We will see!
Well, I better go check on the gang! We had a great pillow fight this morning and I think that's what was about to happen when I left! Oh yeah, right before I left the room, Daddy was drawing a kitty cat with Sophi and she actually said it in English! They are both VERY VERY smart and I believe will catch on quick!

Tommy, Taylor and Leyla:
We Love you soooooooooooo much! Can't wait to get home to see you!!! Hope you are having a GREAT week!!
Mommy & Daddy


Lenora said...

It is so exciting to check your spot and see what is going on - hurry home - can't wait to meet Blake and Sophi. I want to hear all about your experience. Praying for you!

Barbara Harpold said...

We are anxious to meet Blake and Sophi. Sounds like you are having a great time over there. Mom and Dad

samanthasjourney said...

I am so happy for you. All the memories come flooding back as you tell your story. Keep it up, you are doing great!!!! Don't get frustrated by Sophi not wanting you yet. She will. Praying for you right now!!! I remember Samantha not wanting me to take her clothes off even though she was sweating!!!! So happy for you. Congrats.
Amy Pfeiffer

Drew and Lori said...

Mel- Karlee had nothing to do with me either. This can be so hard- just keep telling yourself that it WILL get better. She will allow you in. Take it slow and know we are praying for you. If you need to talk, feel free to email me anytime- I check often-
from adopting taiwan group

amazing grace said...

so good to hear from you Mel!!! It is so fun following your journey with the hope that I too, will someday soon be in taiwan with Gracen.
Enjoy the rest of your trip!


The Rasmussen's said...

Hang in there Mel -- many prayers are coming your way -- It will not be long now and you will have those dear children home at last.

ps -- were you able to get any pictures of the other children.


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