Friday, February 17, 2006


We took things easy today! We packed up everything this morning and headed out at about 11:00am. We took a taxi to the Main MRT station and rode around to the different parts of the city. We found lots of shopping and things to do. Kim told us about TGI Fridays restaurant and we were ready for a bit of American food at this point. We tried asking several people where this was with no help and then we had a very sweet young lady who worked right by TGIF who took us right to it. Blake had a little meltdown in the restaurant because he wanted some ice cream but he didn't understand when Mark told him after he ate he could have it. We asked the waitress to tell him he could have the ice cream after he ate his lunch and she asked if she should tell him in English or Chinese! LOL!!! He understood and things got a little better. Sophi is warming up to me a little more. Slowly but surely it will happen. She fed me some french fries at the restaurant and was interacting with me quite a bit. She still gets VERY upset if she doesn't see Mark so they have been spending a lot of quality time together. We leave tonight at 8:00pm to go to the airport. It is bitter sweet. I can't wait to get home but it is kind of sad to think about taking Blake and Sophi from everything they know. We are praying for a great trip home and lots of family time!

Tommy, Taylor & Leyla:
We cannot wait to see you guys!!!!!
We love you and hope you get a great night sleep!!!
Love ya oddles and oodles!
Mommy & Daddy

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