Thursday, February 02, 2006


What a wonderful surprise to come home to a final update for Sophi!
The girls and I returned from school and there it was, sitting on the porch! We had just been told that we would not get another update because we would be traveling soon. But.....
The update says: Sophi's Birthmother and Grandmother came by to see her on the day of the court hearing (Dec. 13th). She did not have any impression of them and was not smiling as much as she had before. Her Grandmother brought her a baby doll.
Sophi likes to role play and mimick the caregivers. She will change diapers on baby dolls very carefully and make sure that she holds the head of the baby. She was described as "looking on preciously" while the caregivers attend to the infants . Sounds like a sweet little girl to me!! We cannot wait to meet this little sweetie! We did not get any pictures of Blake this time. :( We will see him really soon though! We sent another camera at Christmas time but we did not get it back yet. I forgot to put Blake's name on it maybe that's why.

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